Why Choose Konso?

Enterprise Ready

We understand that companies are hesitant to storing/sharing their data anywhere but their servers – and rightly so. That why at Konso, we’ve designed a scalable roll out our software on your infrastructure.

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Speed up Development

With a team of talented developers are cutting-edge infrastructure tools, Konso provides modern solutions that can help save up to 30% of your software development time. With us, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your data and/or other development processes.

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Unlimited Grow

We designed our system for grow, you can focus on your business goals, letting us taking case of scalability.

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Secure and Powerful by Default

Cloud provides a certain level of security, however we as Konso team providing extra level of security for your data such as encryption at rest. Making sure your sensitive data will be safe. Keeping in mind GDPR awareness we provide tools that will help you anonymise your end user's personal data. Empowered by serverless technogies we build the our system so that it can be unlimitedly scaled in certain region as well as in different regions.

For Developers, By Developers

We build our solution based on expirience collected during last two decades in different industry segments. Integration with Konso is build by developers keeping in mind latest practices and technogies. We offer simple dashbords and also ability easily integrate important data or KPI's in your existing tools.

Equip Your project with Modern Solutions

There’s no question that businesses and industries throughout the globe are moving towards project's observability. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that developing maintaining and operating these soluitions will not be easy. We offer solutions that can be implemented in your project within minutes.