Logging and Monitoring


At Konso, we can help you leverage the power of streamlined and traceable analytics. We're at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art cloud and analytics systems that merges system intelligence with seamless functionality.

With our cutting-edge logging, monitoring, value tracking and metrics APIs, you can easily collect and analyze your logs, metrics, and traces on a unified platform for end-to-end monitoring. Moreover, you can also combine your metrics and logs for streamlined evaluation and data tracking. You can access visualized data on the go via the Konso app.

We can help you significantly propel your analytical and data search functionalities, which is going to help optimize your dev team's overall performance. With Konso, you'll have the opportunity to make your debug processes faster, resulting in quicker problem solving. Konso adds instant value to all your existing and planned project with a click of a button.