Add observation to your project

At Konso, we understand there is a gap between business and software development. That's why we developed solutions to add observability and ad-hoc data exploration to your software, unifying them with our streamlined and cutting-edge SaaS platform.


Equip your organization with latest solutions

Our highly integrated data monitoring platform allows you to collect and evaluate different data events and business metrics – offering an end-to-end solution. We've designed the perfect, zero-learning curve, and simple user interface. We developed API for fetching collected data for comfortable integration into your existing dashboards.


Latest and most powerful platforms

Built with the latest technology stack, with Konso, you can easily find code samples, client libraries, and tutorials. Our monitoring and observability platform is developed with cutting-edge technologies, making it easy for your business to integrate with our SaaS platform within minutes.

  • Nodejs
  • Python
  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby




Basic Plan

  • Check Daily Requests: 1.500
  • Check Data Retention: 14 days
  • Check Team Member: 1
  • Check Infrastructure: Cloud
  • Check Support: Email



Startup Plan

  • Check Daily Requests: 10.000
  • Check Data Retention: 90 days
  • Check Team Members: 3
  • Check Infrastructure: Cloud
  • Check Support: Email/Chat



Pro Plan

  • Check Daily Requests: 100.000
  • Check Data Retention: 365 days
  • Check Team Members: 5
  • Check Infrastructure: Cloud
  • Check Support: Email/Chat

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